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May 31st, 2004

01:51 pm - British fantasy?
For a somewhat long period of time, I was obsessed with the thought of being able to go to England for six months under this program. Somehow over the months, I began thinking less and less about it.

Out of the blue, while listening to a Berlin live CD, I started to fantasize about it again. Like I've said before in my personal journal, it seems really feasible for me, provided I can save the money I get in the spring and fall. I can even pay off my credit cards in the process.

I don't get philisophical or even spritual much, but there's this feeling that I get when I think about this, the sensation that it's my destiny somehow, that this is what I'm supposed to do.

I think only one or two of my friends knows this in detail, but when I was in England, I felt something rather weird. I hadn't felt so much attachment in my life until I was walking the streets of London. I felt like it was where I was supposed to be. I suppose that my only complaint was the price of everything, but if the millions who live there can manage, so can I.

I think what stopped me was my reasoning for doing this. While getting away from my problematic family is a bonus, I've come to see that it's not my primary motivation. I really love London, so much that I feel I can't keep the experience all to myself. Every time I go to IKEA I'm inspired to decorate my apartment with more and more pictures from my European travels. Also, while I don't hate America, I'm somewhat ashamed to live here the way things are going.

I do not think this is something that I can do later on, when I'm older. While seizing the day isn't something I always follow, in this case, it's either now or never. I think I'll choose now (well next year anyway).
Current Mood: contemplative
Current Music: Kylie-Better The Devil You Know

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May 27th, 2004

12:49 am - I'm Never Going to Grow Up
I'm too attached to late night trips to the park for the express purpose of swinging and/or blowing bubbles. I still get up on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons with the biggest bowl of cereal known to man in my lap and a spoon that was made for shoveling food at holidays that's almost too wide for my mouth. I wear the hair ties with the colored balls on them. I still do the hokey pokey and play duck-duck-goose. I like Toys R Us because I get to play with everything, shocked parents of crumb-crushers be damned. I know damned well sugar is not my friend, but a chocolate chip belgian waffle with sryup and every other sugar known to man every once in a while is a necessary evil.

I simply refuse to be as lifeless as some of my other counterparts.

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May 2nd, 2004

08:25 am - "Abortion Politics-- Bush-style"
Florida governor plays hardball with a disabled woman’s life.


I'm not sure what to think of this, but I think that it is a sure sign of where things are headed if certain people are allowed to use political power to further the policies of their belief systems.

To quote Oscar: "What a f***ing a$$hole!"

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April 30th, 2004

08:43 am
Why do I have people asking me for relationship advice?

I really don't know about that sort of thing, after all, and all my friends know it....

Oh well, I'm getting my haircut in an hour, so I can feel a bit more confident about my appearance. :-)
Current Mood: confused
Current Music: Madonna-La Isla Bonita

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April 24th, 2004

04:51 pm - An exclusive!
I really need to organize my pics better.... There are just way too many and I always am amazed whenever I find the time to see them.

I posted some pics of me from my trip to Mexico last weekend in my personal lj, but there were a couple I didn't post that I scanned, because I love you all too much...

Here they are!Collapse )
Current Mood: amused

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01:26 am
I've been really flirtatious and extremely touchy-feely lately, and you know what, I like it! In a strange way, it reminds me I'm human, as this is not usual behavior for me and typical behavior in general.

For the two gay guys I know in Vegas, watch out!
Current Mood: drained
Current Music: Donna Summer-I Feel Love (Live)

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April 16th, 2004

12:39 pm - I don't dare say this out loud, as there is no real wood nearby to knock on..
..but I need to know how much worse this is going to get today.

Last night was fun.

Today has been miserable.

I woke up late and missed a class I really needed to go to.

My computer ate a good hunk of my term paper, so when I was talking to Keira this morning I was desperately trying to rewrite the better part of 6 pages from memory. Shit like this only happens when I have things under control and I've gotten them done ahead of time. Kid you not. On top of that not being my best effort, I just found out that because of my bad test before spring break (I lost 20 points for using the wrong year, so I got a 79) I couldn't get an A for the class even if I was perfect on the final.

*sighs* Why is it that when I get things quasi-righted and settled I get kicked in the ass again.
Current Mood: apathetic
Current Music: Rammstein - Alter Mann

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03:23 am - SPOON! Part Deux!
Cross-Posted for Your Reading PleasureCollapse )
Current Mood: giggly
Current Music: Henry Rollins Band - Your Number Is One

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April 15th, 2004

07:26 pm
Simple actions:

When testing a piano, the first thing we both play is Für Elise.

If this were an isolated experience, I might call it a coincidence. Quite frankly, I don't know what to call it anymore. How often can completion occur before it progresses beyond simple chance? More importantly, what does one do when it reaches that point?
Current Mood: confused

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April 14th, 2004

12:33 pm
Speaking of craving tacos, I ate some for lunch and dinner yesterday and am still craving them today. I also ate some this weekend and the weekend before that.

If this keeps up, I'm going to need to form a support group! Someone should eat tacos with me.
Current Mood: hungry

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