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September 7th, 2004

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04:57 am - *uses the Nightcrawler voice for her mock broadcast on CERK radio*
Tonight we are facing an interesting dilemma, gentle listeners...but first, a story.  It's a fairly well-known tale, so I'll summarize.

There was a young prince who thought he could shut out the world at large because there were things going on beyond his control and it was all too real for him.  He hid himself and a few like-minded people away in a secluded abbey.  Six months in to this self-imposed quarantine, there was a large event he had absolute dominion over down to the very detailing of the seven rooms the event was to be held in.  The prince thought his perceived ability to control what went on within the walls of the abbey translated in to control of the world around him.  This false sense of absolute supremacy only added to the prince's megalomaniacal flights of fancy.  During the event, the prince discovered a reveler that dared to come as a representative of what was going on outside the abbey and followed the figure from room to room.  The prince is found dead after he attacks the masked figure in a blind rage.  Everyone else at the event dies one by one after they realize the real world, in the guise of the masked entity, has infiltrated their imaginary one.

Moral of the story: peace and safety...tangible or fabricated....shall not escape the jurisdiction of reality.

Who is to blame for this? The prince, who hid from the world because he was not mature enough to deal with the trials and tribulations of life? What of the people who stood with him and furthered his illusion of safety inside a shell of lies? Is it the fault of the spectre that ran its course like all things in life? I suspect suspect the prince would blame the spectre for his undoing.  It is so much easier to seek the blame somewhere else when no one is responsible but yourself.

Everyone knows a prince like this, though they may be called a queen, a president, or any other title.  Every person like this has a group of followers. They use phrases like "obscene literary liberties" to describe things that are written word, but not genuine literature, in an attempt to sound pseudointellectual. They do not grasp the fact that using grade level as a marker for maturity is useless and neglect to notice that the one they rally 'round is a shining example of why that logic fails. They think that the possible dislike of an icon is a perfectly valid base on which to build an argument defending what could only be defined as the losing end of the moral highground. The followers are just as deluded as their leader, which helps in continuing their charade of a perfect world built out of lies, short-sightedness, or cyberspace. 

Here is the dilemma: when should you put on your mask and when do you think you should take it off?

I must admit that I have donned mine as of late because of a principle I have always maintained, but never acted on, and am rather attached to it, if for nothing more than the ability to cast a ray of truthful light on a shady bit of falsehood.

That and I'm just dying to get my hands on a large ebony clock for a black apartment with scarlet windows.

-- Muerte Roja
Current Mood: Disinclined to acquiesce a particular request. Means "no."

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Date:September 9th, 2004 04:23 pm (UTC)
now if we had proper taxes on castles these days...

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