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I wish I was better at giving back. - Where beauty resides

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June 9th, 2004

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12:31 am - I wish I was better at giving back.
I have friends, real friends, without whom I would be nothing today.

I love them more than my own life, but I am sad to be around them because they do so much for me and I cannot begin to return the favor. Sometimes I think that they might get tired of me because I take all the time, at least, I feel like I'm taking all the time.

You know who you are. I'd love to come out and show you how much I appreciate you, but I usually can't do it in the way I want to. It bothers me that I can't show you how much I really care. I hope this will do for now. I'm still trying to win Megabucks or hit the lottery so I can show you what you mean to me.

-- Krake.

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